Old Waverly’s Junior Golf Cottage

Is it really all about talent, scores, and trophies? Is there a correlation between great swing mechanics and a great mind? Do junior golfers even understand goals? Why do some juniors excel and some never break through? Is competition healthy? What areas should a junior golfer be looking at to improve? Is it all about hitting balls and building great fundamentals? What are the keys to keeping golf a “healthy” part of an adolescent’s life?

Tackling these questions while being blessed with the support of passionate members led to Old Waverly’s Junior Golf Cottage. Junior golfers will stay in the Fleishhacker Junior Golf Cottage while attending 1, 2, or 3-day camps. The Cottage sleeps eight junior golfers along with two counselors. When attending the camps the junior golfers will enjoy an all-inclusive experience, which basically only requires golf clubs, clothing, and toiletries.

Here the junior golfers will learn HOW TO rather than WHAT TO. They will experience goal setting, skill building, and the transfer of that skill. They will come to learn the difference between TARGETING and AIMING. They will learn how to practice by OBJECTIVE rather than just beating on golf balls with no purpose. They will learn the importance of a ROUTINE rather than having a mind full of swing thoughts. They will learn the importance of REINFORCING each shot, each practice session, and each tournament. Furthermore, they will learn how to make "smart" decisions on the course, enabling them to get the most out of their skills.

We will also create camps for juniors and their own PGA Professionals. In this way if a group of youngsters and their PGA Professional want to come in and work during times not currently on the schedule they can just give us a call. This way our group of instructors are working side by side with other PGA Professionals and their juniors.

2017 DATES

CAMP DROP OFF IS THE EVENING BEFORE. ALL CAMPS ARE ALL-INCLUSIVE, IN OTHER WORDS ALL THEY NEED ARE CLUBS AND TOILETRIES. 1 Day Camps offer lodging for 1 night beginning the evening before scheduled date. 2 Day Camps offer lodging for 2 nights beginning the evening before the scheduled date. 3 Day Camps offer lodging for 3 nights beginning the evening before scheduled date.


Junior Golf Camps

January 28th - 1/2 Day Goal Camp
Meet at Junior Golf Cottage at 9:00 am. For nearly two decades I have
watched junior golfers strive to achieve their goals. Everybody needs a
compass right? Here the Junior Golfers will be building from the top down.
Outcome Goals, Performance Goals, Process Goals, and Micro Goals will be
created by the crew. Then they will tape them somewhere very noticeable
at home.
Limited to 10 juniors - Cost is $100.00
9:00 till 1:00
Ages 8 to 13

February 4th - 1 Day Golf Camp (Strategy)
Decision Making? Emotional and Mental State that wins?
How should I use my range Finder? How do I pick targets
off the tee? How do I pick targets into the green? How do I decide the line
I should start my putt on?

We hang our hat on teaching youngsters to think and get around
the golf course. This overnight camp will revolve around the
principles that we teach our very best professional players

Limited to 8 juniors - Cost is $400.00
Drop off 4:30 February 3rd
Pick Up February 4th at 5:00
All - Inclusive
Ages 13 - 18
(experienced players - competitive high school players)

February 18th - 1 Day Fundamental Camp
Hitting the ball first and reasons why.
Hitting the ball in the middle of face and reasons why.
Starting the ball left or right and reasons why.
High, medium, and Low trajectory and reasons why.
Draw, Fades, and Straight Shots and reasons why.

This camp is not technical. This camp is fundamental. A great
camp for improving performance and the junior understanding "why"
it is happening and "what" to do to get it back on track.

The camp is dedicated to the little VJ Trolio's out there
that likes hitting balls but needs to have some things to
do other than just pound ball after ball with no idea why.

Limited to 8 juniors - Cost is $400.00
Drop off February 17th at 4:30
Pick Up February 18th at 5:00
All - Inclusive
Ages 12 - 17
(juniors that are playing bogey golf to high seventies)