Old Waverly
One Magnolia Drive
West Point, MS 39773

662-495.5470 FAX


Name Title E-Mail Phone
Wilkes Bryan Chief Operating Officer wilkesbryan@gmail.com 662.495.5461
Brad Suggs Superintendent bradsuggs@oldwaverly.com 662.495.5475
Cheryl Hicks Chief Financial Officer chicks@oldwaverly.com 662.495.5464
Chris Jester Director of Golf golfshop@oldwaverly.com 662.495.5473
Greg Flannagan Head Golf Professional golfshop@oldwaverly.com 662.494.8780
V.J. Trolio Teaching Professional vj@troliogolf.com 662.495.5472
Tim Yelverton Teaching Professional tyelverton@oldwaverly.com 662.495.5472
Shane Williams Director of Lodging/Real Estate swilliams@oldwaverly.com 662.495.5471
LaJoane Metts Administrative / Lodging lajoane@oldwaverly.com 662.495.5462
Rosemary Prisock Director of Hospitality / Marketing rosemary@oldwaverly.com 662.495.5467
Earl Price Food & Beverage Supervisor   662.494.6463
Beverly Langford Accounts Payable blangford@oldwaverly.com 662.495.5465


Dining Reservations 662.494.6463
Lodging Reservations 662.495-5485
Billing Information 662.495.5466